Shekhar Mine

The Freelancer.

YouTube Partner

Shekhar Mine

The Freelancer

YouTube Partner

Shekhar Mine

The Freelancer

YouTube Partner

Shekhar Mine

The Freelancer

YouTube Partner

Shekhar Mine

The Freelancer

YouTube Partner

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I am Happy to say that, I am A YouTube Partner. and Adsense Publisher too. Need your Support now.

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Words as YouTube Partner

I am a YouTube Verified Partner and doing well. You Can find my YouTube Channel and All videos here. I am Earning some $$$ from YouTube by Monetizing with Ads. Now, i Created this Website to Get Traffic and earn from Ads. Present days, Competition is very high, and some are getting Succeed and remaining are trying to get.Till now i am Happy with what i am Earning Now. This is all Because of you. I am Really Thankful to you all.

So, i will always try to give you Quality stuff. If you didn't find that, you can write me a message. I am Always there for you help. So please DISABLE your Adblocker and help me in Earning and keep this Website Alive.

What you can get here?

You can find Cracked versions and paid versions of Windows Softwares. and you can find Paid Android applications, Premium android applications and MOD(Modified) applications. I will publish Only GENUINE Stuff. all cracked, paid and premium applications will be published after checking. means, i will first test and then only publish here. So you can Download and no need to worry.

What i am Actually doing here?

As i said above, i am publishing Cracked windows softwares and Paid, Premium and MOD android applications here. NOTE: i am not cracking, or modifying any windows or android applications. and i am not hosting any copies of softwares or cracks or applications. i am just providing the download links here only. i do not own any material here. So TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

What I Offer Here

ANDROID IS EVERYWHERE NOW. The World is now Running on ANDROID. You can Find, PREMIUM, PAID and MODDED Apps here.


In this blog i will post only Original content. means, no fake stuff. you can report if you find anything here. i am working hardly to give you good stuff.


The Quality. i will search multiple times before posting here. i will double check it before posting here. the quality really matters. i will maintain that in my stuff.


All stuff here posted are Checked. i will post or publish here after checking myself only. otherwise i do not publish here. so you can trust.

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Thanks for your Support till now and To Run this Web site more successful, i need your continuous support. So, please donate how much you can, and please disable your Adblocker.

Contact Details

My Contact details are given bellow. You can contact me through email.

My Work Location

103, Rola Street,
Demo Lane Road,
New York, USA.
Call: +23-00-89-009

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