Android Custom Live Wallpaper Script 2.0

Purpose : Create a live-wallpaper out of a bunch of images

Instructions :

– Download zip
– Extract zip
– Run Run.bat (follow instructions)
– Once done, install the resulting apk

Tip : Pre-attached with the zip comes the “haters gonna hate” animation, so if u want to test it, just Run.bat and enter 14 as the # of images.

Requirements :
– Java in ur environmental path (to check go start -> run -> cmd -> java -jar
Do u see “command not found” ? if so go to and install it, otherwise ur fine.

Capabilities :

– Customizable live wallpaper w/o coding
– Change application name / icon
– Adjust loop invariant to ensure no skipping
– Change app description
– Now u have up to 100 images to use

– Automatically inserts the place-holders
– Change package name
– Apk produced now takes on the package name (easier to identify)
– Option to install the app to ur phone at end of script
– Added java check, it’ll tell u if java is in ur path or not

– Now u have up to 300 images to use (thanks olivvv59)
– Added vista compatibility (delete’s $.tmp files if they exist)
– Cleaned up the code a bit.

Note : The naming convention of the images are n01.png,n02.png,n03.png..n32…n100.png

Download Script Bellow:


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