Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) v1.4.7 | Download

A dreamy, and snowy, live wallpaper for your screen!

This is the Ultimate version that contains all the Pro features of the four wallpapers at 50% the price:
1. Sun Rise Pro — for Morning
2. Blue Sky Pro — for Afternoon
3. Sunset Hill Pro — for Evening
4. Dream Night Pro — for Night
5. (NEW) Aurora Pro — another option for Night

=== Summary of features ===
★ Turn on the aurora (northern lights) with each Day Night purchase.
★ Turn on the snow for this Christmas, together with interaction and advanced options such as using the accelerometer to change direction when phone is rotated.
★ Fireflies for evening and night skies.
★ A digital clock display with animation!
★ Automatically switches between the above skies throughout the day, using an algorithm to calculate the sun rise and sunset time using your GPS location.
★ You can set specific timings for each sky in the Settings, or you can choose to show only your favorite sky.
★ Adjust the color of each sky: sepia, neutral, brighter, dimmer
★ Contains an extra sky for pre-dawn.
★ Contains all settings for each sky (moon, stars, sky color, rainbow, etc.).
★ Bird sounds.
★ Touch interaction with the birds.
★ Parallax effect settings.
★ Various other settings for birds, deers, trees, etc.

=== Limitations ===
★ Large APK size (18.1 MB) since it contains all the 4 Pro versions and a DayDream.
★ This just switches among the skies. Sky color and sun position for each sky still do not change gradually.
★ As we continue to add features, enhancements and upgrades into the app, it may grow to consume a bit more battery on some devices. If this happens and you would like a refund, do not hesitate to email us. 🙂
★ If you experience lags, send us an email. We will refund to you the full amount. Don’t hesitate to try the apps 🙂


Download Here:


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